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Crossfit classes

CrossFit classes consist of the following components: 

1. Welcome and Briefing: Coaches introduce themselves and explain the day's workout

2. Warm-up: Light cardio and dynamic stretching to prepare members for the upcoming workout

3. Skill or Strength Work: Coaches lead members through a specific skill or strength exercise, such as weightlifting, gymnastics, or bodyweight movements

4. Workout of the Day (WOD): The main event! Members complete the prescribed workout, which may involve a combination of  conditioning, weightlifting, gymnastics, and bodyweight exercises

5. Cool-down and Stretching: Wind down with static stretches and foam rolling to aid in recovery


Throughout the class, coaches demonstrate exercises, offer scaling options for varying fitness levels, encourage members to push themselves and work together.

Join us for a Free Trial Class to experience the Millstone CrossFit family!

CrossFit Millstone members receiving workout information
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